Top Wedding Songs

The task of selection of the top wedding songs is a difficult task for the married couples. The occasion of love, promises and liveliness, wedding songs set the right mood of the crowd. Top weddings songs describe the feelings and emotions of the couple on that day and also their expectations in the years to come.
The search for the top wedding songs is difficult. There are several thousands of songs that might look fit for the occasion. The top wedding songs reflect the love and commitment for each other.

There are many wedding songs, but the choice of the top wedding songs need not be unanimous. It is based on the temperament of the people choosing the top wedding songs for their wedding.

A list of the top wedding songs has been given. For you to choose:

v  ‘I Promise’ by Carman

v  Love of my Life by Jim Brickman (also featuring Micheal W.Smith)

v  ‘If you ever need me’ by Gracy Chapman

v  ‘Your love keeps lifting me higher’ by Audio Adrenaline

v  ‘You’ve got me’ by Steven Curtis Chapman

v  ‘I’ll Give’ by Small Town Poets

v  ‘A page is turned’ by Bebo Norman

v  ‘For you’ by Michael W. Smith

v  ‘Waltz for Jennifer’ by FFH

v  Household of Faith’ by Steve Green

It is best to listen to these top wedding songs and then have a discussion with the musicians and singers who will be performing these top wedding songs. After doing this, you have to make the list of the top wedding songs full and final.

The music to be played at the wedding also requires prior planning. You have to select from the top wedding songs those songs that suit your temperament and taste. It should be appealing to the audience, they should also enjoy the top wedding songs that you have selected for the occasion, and it demands hard work and thorough research. You have to hear all the top wedding songs one by one and then decide on the list of top wedding songs that you will approve.

Technology can help you choose the top wedding songs. You can download music, search for lyrics and listen to top wedding songs online. The internet has some great wedding songs and their lyrics are available here as well. You can download these songs free of cost. A few of these sites are MySpace, project-Playlist.

Use this opportunity to explore lovely wedding songs apt for the occasion of your wedding. Keep the wedding theme in mind and then decide on the top wedding songs. It has to be planned meticulously the way you have planned other wedding details. Do not overlook this important aspect of a wedding. The wedding music has to sound good. Wrongly chosen music will spoil the mood of your special day. Always make the top wedding songs list the way you wanted it. It is your day and the music should be of your personal choice. Do not get influenced by other wedding music. Make a list of top wedding songs that is exclusively your own.

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