Wedding toasts

  •  Prepare a cheat seat as you did in school. You can do a similar thing with a wedding toast also. Keep the size of the note small. Do not write down everything that you intend to say. Simply pen down an outline of the speech that you have prepared as a wedding toast. This will help you deliver the wedding toast with conviction and confidence.
  • After you  have written down the wedding toast, keep practicing in front of the mirror for hours together. Keep looking at yourself in the mirror and think that you are amidst friends, the newlywed couple and other esteemed guests. Practice will make your wedding toast a brilliant endeavor. Let your friends hear you speaking and then ask them to suggest ways of improving your speech as a wedding toast.
  • You need to give a good introduction of yourself to draw the attention of the crowd towards you. Guests will be busy eating and drinking. You have to somehow divert their attention towards you.
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