Wedding Updos

For every woman, her wedding day is one of the most memorable occasions of her life. She wants everything to look attractive on her big day, both for the wedding ceremony as well asfor the reception. Whether it is flowers, music, cake or seating arrangements, all aspects need to be picture perfect! Possibly more than anything else, every bride is anxious about her own looks on her special day. Obviously, she wants to appear her best as she walks down the aisle to meet her handsome groom.
A striking hair updo together with a lovely wedding gown and flawless make up will enhance and give every bride the complete the bridal look she desires. While selecting a wedding updo, brides should choose one that fits her individual style and blends well with her gown, accessories and also the overall wedding theme.
“Boho” Braid Updo:
The “boho” braid is anupdo where the braid starts at a low part in the front of the hair. The braid then extends across the head and is pinned at the back of the head or behind an ear. Boho braids add a subtle but elegant look to even the simplest updo. They suit brides who have medium to long length hair. This season the “boho” braidupdo is in rage,it was even sported by celebrities like Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson.

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